(STCW 2010 Course)

Crew Security Awareness with Designated Duties

Duration: 1 Day
Training Date: Please Call

Course Description:

Every seafarer who is designated to perform security duties, including anti-piracy and anti-armed-robbery-related activities, shall be required to demonstrate the following level of competence complying with the provisions of section A-VI/6 Table A-VI/6-1, A-VI/6-2 of the revised STCW convention 2010:

1. Contribute to the enhancement of maritime security through heightened awareness.
2. Recognition of security threats.
3. Understanding of the need for and methods of maintaining security awareness and vigilance.
4. Maintain the conditions set out in a ship security plan.
5. Recognition of security risks and threats.
6. Undertake regular security inspections of the ship.
7. Proper usage of security equipment and systems, if any.

Course Assessment:

Assessment is continuous during the course, with a written assessment at the end of the training to test the student's knowledge on the course.

Course Certification

Successful candidates will receive certificate of proficiency as a Crew Security Officer with Designated Duties.

Course Requirement:

Please, call us for more information.

Course Fee: