(STCW 2010 Course)

Efficient Deck Hand

Duration: 5 Days
Training Date: 2019-11-11

Course Description:

The objective of this course is to give all persons who meet the entry requirements the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to safely carry out the duties expected of an efficient deck hand on board merchant ships. Every candidate for a certificate of qualification as an Efficient Deck Hand in line with STCW Regulation II/5 shall be required to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

Nautical Knowledge
1. The meaning of common nautical terms.
2. The names and functions of various parts of a ship, for example decks, compartments, ballast tanks, bilges, air pipes, strum boxes.
3. Knowledge of the Compass card 00 to 3600. Ability to report the approximate bearing of an object in degrees or points on the bow.
4. Reading, streaming and handling a patent log.
5. Markings on a hand lead line, taking a cast of the hand lead and correctly reporting the sounding obtained.
6. Marking of the anchor cable.
7. Understanding helm orders.
8. The use of lifesaving and fire fighting appliances.
9. The importance of fire and watertight doors.
10. Understand the correct operation, precautions and dangers of lifeboat release gear.
11. Precautions to be observed when maintaining lifeboats and davits.
12. Use of work equipment.
13. Lifting plant.
14. Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
15. Anchoring and mooring techniques.
16. Opening and closing Hatches.

Practical Work
Tested as far as possible by practical demonstration.

Course Assessment:

Assessment is continuous during the course, with a final written and oral assessment on the last day.

Course Certification

Successful candidates will receive certificate of qualification as an Efficient Deck Hand.

Course Requirement:

1. Valid Basic STCW '95 Certificate
2. Hold a navigation watch ratings certificate, or steering certificate or proof of sufficient experience
3. Medical fitness certificate
4. Not less than 18 years of age
5. Have a minimum of 6 months sea service in vessels of more than 15m. Service in the deck department in High Speed Craft (HSC), tugs, dredgers, standby vessels, survey vessels and fishing vessels of more than 16.5m registered length is acceptable.
Candidates must provide any of these means of identification such as discharge book, international passport, national identity card etc.

Course Fee: